People are awesome….just sayin’.

Hello everyone,

So if you’ve been reading this, you know that not only am I a writer, but I’ve recently joined the wonderful world of real estate. It’s been adventurous so far, to say the least.

One of the best things about my newfound career, is it gives me an excuse to reconnect with some old friends, and some of them are older friends than I thought. Regardless, I’ve realized that over the past 20 years of retail management, one controlling previous marriage, and almost 5 of those years going to college full time, that I’ve lost touch with some really great people.

So I’m reaching out to all my old friends these past few weeks and I came across someone that not only gave me the energy to lift my spirits that I will be very successful with real estate, but she also gave me the support and uplifting words that were needed at the right time. Even from a distance, over a few text messages my entire week was changed and than bam, I get a package in the mail.

The person who had already lifted my spirits and boosted my confidence had sent me some stones that are meant to keep one in balance and find peace in their decisions and a handwritten note telling me their meanings. Who does that? A wonderful person, that’s who!

I carried these stones with me today and I met even more great people that gave deep insights in helping me build my real estate business. (Most of them tried to recruit me onto their teams, lol). The point is, that I thought of this person every time I reached into my pocket and felt those stones she personally sent to me via snail mail. A personal touch that is going to stay in my heart for quite some time. I can’t wait until she reads this post!

Anyway, I just thought I would share this moment in hopes that all of you reach out to those friends that you haven’t seen in a while. I had an excuse in real estate to do so. I’m asking that don’t wait for that excuse needed, just call or text someone you haven’t talked to in a while. You’ll be surprised at the connection in can make in your life.

Thanks for reading,

Nicholas McGirr


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Lost Sleep?

Good morning world,

It’s about 5:30 AM here on the east coast and I can’t sleep. So, here I am up before the sun talking to you. Why can’t I sleep? Well, that’s a story of course!

So, my blog posts go to one of my twitter accounts and my LinkedIn account. That’s approximately 1500 people. And well, if I share this on my goodreads account, there’s another 1300. Tallying up 2800 of you who know me as a writer, hence the blog.

Ever lose sleep because of things you don’t know? That’s the state I’m in right now. There’s a lot I don’t know these days and it’s becoming harder and harder to earn those zz’s. What exactly is it that I don’t now, you ask? There’s lots.

As of late, some of you might know, I joined a real estate firm after some long grueling hours learning all I need to know to earn my real estate license in South Carolina. So the first thing I don’t know is where my first sale is going to come from. Which comes to something I do know, I’m unemployed until I do.

Second thing I don’t know is how many of you need realtor services. That’s a big one. I’ve been emailing and calling friends, family, lost acquaintances and the like and have gained some really strong leads. Of course, I did, who wouldn’t want to work with me that already knows me? Right?

So, if you’re reading this and you’re not from South Carolina nor do you live here, I’m leaving a link to my app at the bottom. It’s free and it’s nationwide. Doesn’t matter if you live here in Charleston or not. I want to help people find their next home. Plain and simple. That’s why I got into this business to begin with, to help people.

As for everything else I don’t know and causing me to lose sleep, well, that might be for another sleepless night blog post. Let’s just say the more people I help, the more sleep I can get.

Download my app here

As always, thanks for reading,


Accomplish Before Death

I have worn many hats. I still wear quite a few hats. I’m a husband (to an amazing wife), I’m a father, to the best 11 year old the world has ever seen, I’m a realtor, I’m a salesman, I’m a marketer, I’m a writer. The list goes on forever. We all have our own hats. Today’s blog puts a few of my hats together.

Today, during one of my classes for my real estate business, I learned something. The lesson learned wasn’t so much from what was being taught in the class, but from my writing. The class revolved around what it is we think our goals are. The things we wish to accomplish before we die. I write about death and the afterlife so you can imagine how the class resonated with me.

I realized today that with my novelette series based on the afterlife, that I was teaching myself something. The series is non-sequential, meaning they don’t have to be read in any order. Each book is about one life and the lesson that needs to be learned in the afterlife based on the person’s natural life. The point of these books was that they were personal to the reader. One is about an alcoholic, another about a suicide, another about a mislead life in the voodoo community. Totally different from each other.

What I realized today was that with each of these characters that I’ve created, that they never fully accomplished what they wanted to or needed to. I was teaching myself the things I DON’T want to do with my own life. And that lesson is that I will finish what I start and accomplish the things I need to feel accomplished, successful and happy.

Over the past two years and being married to the most amazing person I think I’ve ever met, I realized through a lot of self-reflection that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I was asked today to write down three things I must accomplish before death. Big question, right? Here are the three things I wrote:

  1. Become a best-selling author.
  2. Re-connect with my step-daughter.
  3. To FEEL successful and accomplished.

My writing over the past 19 years has been teaching me how to do all three of these things all along and I never knew it.

If you are reading this blog, comment what your three things are that you must do before death. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

Today, I learned that I’ve been working towards these things for a long time and now it’s time to put the action plan in place to make it happen.

What are your three things? This blog has been pretty vulnerable. Open up, let’s hear it! For you writers out there, I’d like to know if you’ve ever learned something from your previous writings that you didn’t realize you were teaching yourself.

My books about the afterlife

Another book about death

Coffee with the Mayor

Hello everyone,

This morning, I had coffee with Mayor Page of Mount Pleasant. I sat in on a round table meeting with other citizens and employees of the city. With my new career in real estate, I felt it was important that I learn what the folks are concerned with in my town where I’m selling homes.

Needless to say, with this being my first meeting like this, with anyone politically involved in fact, it was interesting. I contributed a little bit to the concerns being brought to Mayor Page, but for the most part, I was an observer.

With the diverse group of people from millennials to retirees, I fit right in the middle of the pack. I dressed professionally, as I usually do with vest and tie and came prepared to boost an open house that I’m holding this upcoming weekend. The nice thing about this meeting was that those who attended approached me afterwards asking for my card and contact information.

I won’t go into the concerns that were brought up, but I will say that Mayor Page led the meeting well and she handled herself professionally and on the citizens’ level. She spoke to us like people and put things in perspective. Respectfully, I listened simply because she had something to say and to hold a writer’s attention in a social setting is quite a feat.

Although this post isn’t super exciting, I felt the need to write a little something about it. I had an experience. I plan on going to future meetings. I learned something. Isn’t that what life is all about? Experiencing while learning.

Until later,


Brand New Logo, Another Adventure


So, hello fans of my writing and people of Charleston, SC. New adventures to write about. But FIRST, I’d like to announce my new logo above. And yes, for you fans of my dark fiction, I am a realtor by day.

The logo above has a small story to it, of course it does, why would a writer create anything without a story???

After leaving my job at Barnes & Noble, I decided to go for the ultimate in sales with real estate. I’ve joined an amazing company, Keller Williams. With that, KW allows agents to form their own brand complete with logo, work ethics and employees. Love this concept. Hence, the birth of The All Star Agents Logo.

When deciding on the name of my brand, it was obvious that I needed something that would inspire not only me but would make sense to my clients. All Star. This phrase has so many meanings, but I will only say what it means to me.

A year ago, I introduced April (my wife) to the Converse brand of shoes. She has Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT for short) where she needs braces to walk. See previous blog post for more details on that. April is not only inspiring, but her dedication to this brand of shoes was an obvious name for my brand due to the All Star service I give my customers and clients.

The star fish in the center stands for the Charleston area. April and I love being by the beach and the water, so it was a clear choice when we added the star fish.

There it is. April continues to be my muse in just about all aspects of my life, my business, my family. She is loved dearly and well, she knows it.

thanks for reading.


And well, if you need a realtor in the Charleston area, here’s my card.

allstaragentsBusiness_Card Front

So Here Goes…

Hello everyone,

If you’re reading this, it means that you are either a fan of my works already or you are trying out a new author. Thanks for either.

So below, you’ll find an opt in form to receive a FREE copy of The Life Tree. I’m giving away some of my work in order to gain you, the reader, as a new fan.

I write about death.

It’s not gory, slasher deaths that occur here on earth, but more or less what happens in the afterlife. Are these my beliefs? Sure they are, I write them down, don’t I? But make no mistake, all my works are fictitious. I may challenge some belief systems out there, but nonetheless, I write fiction. Argue what you wish.

So here goes, I’m giving away my talent. I hope you enjoy and decide to read the next book in this novelette series and then the next one after that. So far, there are three. There will be more but not until I’ve finally wrapped up the editing process of my second novel, the sequel to Growing Dim.

Read The Life Tree

I hope you enjoy it.


How to make an author feel proud

Hello everyone,

It’s raining here in Charleston, so I thought what a perfect chance to go to my blog and let folks know what’s going on.

Growing Dim Cover

I’ve been working diligently on the sequel to my First Hardcover Novel, Growing Dim. The sequel will be out soon, that’s a promise. However, this weekend is the last chance to pick up Growing Dim at it’s super low hardcover price of $18.


I’m putting the price back up to $24 for a number of reasons. First, you should know at the $18 price, I make no money after cost and listing the book on the Barnes & Noble website. Let me repeat that for those of you not familiar with the publishing scene. I make no money from you purchasing my book right now. LAST CHANCE!

The sole reason for placing my book at the $18 price was to get you reading and hungry for more. Well, that time is coming to a close as the price will go back up after tomorrow.

So, what’s Growing Dim about and why should you buy it? Growing Dim is a rock drummer who becomes Lord of the Underworld. Greek Mythology becomes real in this book and the lead, Crossman McKnight, struggles with what becoming the Lord of the Underworld means for his own character. The sequel, entitled Book of Joel, will continue Crossman’s struggle of what he really is and he develops an arch nemesis in the Underworld. Religion becomes a major topic at the end of the book as Crossman realizes that since Greek Mythology was real, why can’t other religious beliefs be real?

As you can see, I’m taking this story to a whole other level and will raise eyebrows and turn heads with the theories that are raised in these books. I can’t wait for you to read them and leave your feedback. It truly excites me to know that you are reading and giving your opinion for the world to see. That’s why Growing Dim was priced so low. But not for long. Truly your LAST CHANCE.

Thanks for reading,

Nicholas McGirr, author.

Growing Dim Cover

Meet My Wife


Hello everyone,

Just thought I would take this time to introduce my wife, April. She is awaiting her phone call from LuLaRoe and she’s very excited!

There are a lot of reasons why April has decided to join such an awesome team and this blog post will explain April’s story. Sit tight, it’s a doozy.

April has CMT, that’s Charcot-Marie-Tooth. a disease that eats at her muscles and nerve endings to be short. April’s disease started when she was 19 and she was officially diagnosed at 23. She’s now 38 years old and is a fully functional adult just like you and me.

April wears braces to walk as her lower calf muscles are minimal at best. These braces are not a necessity, but with having drop-foot on top of the CMT, they help to keep everything in place. The braces are interesting in fact. They have rubberized ankles built into them so that the awareness of her disease is minimal to anyone seeing her walk on the street.

Look, I didn’t tell you all about April’s disease to get sympathy. This is truly a success story!

You see, April doesn’t sit at home collecting disability checks (and trust me, she could). Nope, this girl gets up every day and goes to work as a retail manager. She leads people. She motivates them to sell with better strategies. And she smiles while doing all of this. In fact, some former colleagues of hers used to call her “Joy” because she brought fun and enjoyment to the daily meetings.

And then she comes home from a long day at work (sometimes up to 12 hours) and takes care of me, like any great wife would. I give her time to slip into some comfy LuLaRoe clothes, take off her braces and relax simply because she deserves it.

So, with all that said, April is now completely motivated to gain loyal customers and share her story with all of you. Her goal is to motivate other women who may not be so comfortable with themselves by getting them the clothes that make them feel more comfortable with themselves. LuLaRoe allows April to be more comfortable with herself and she wants to share with you how to do that.

I’m inviting you to her Facebook page, as this will be the hub for all of her sales. Of course, she’ll have other social media accounts, but Facebook will hold all of the good stuff! So, if you love LuLaRoe, have no idea what I’m talking about, or just curious, take a look at her page and start following. This means you’ll be the first to know when she gets her inventory set up!

Follow April!


Again, can’t thank you enough for reading this blog post. It means the world to April and I’m hoping she can inspire you to “Be Comfortable”.


Nicholas McGirr, author/husband


Coasters to Posters

20170507_134233 So, we live in Charleston. April and I have been enjoying this beautiful city for almost a year now and we still cannot get enough of the enjoyment of just walking around downtown. Of course, there are other things here in Charleston, but the things we find along the streets of downtown are wondrous and like no other city that I’ve been.

The other day, April and I had a day off together, finally. It was no surprise when we decided to take the 79 degree day and walk downtown. We normally try to visit a graveyard or two along the way, but those pics and blog posts will be for later.

20170507_133520 This is April on Rainbow Row. If you’ve never seen it, well, you’re missing out. Rainbow Row is a row of housing where each house connected is a different color than the previous. It’s something of a natural wonder here in Charleston. It doesn’t sound like much, but it really is something to see.

I can’t help but wonder what the inside of those homes look like. There are plenty of older homes to visit and tour through here in Charleston, but Rainbow Row seems to be somewhat of a mystery. Here’s a sneak peek into one of the courtyards:

20170223_154523 As you can see, the luxurious and quaint courtyard could be misleading into what’s inside the actual house. However, the wrought iron gating you see is scattered throughout the downtown area. You can even purchase coasters to posters of wrought iron gates in the market place.

So, folks, that was pretty much my day with April the other day. We find it extremely relaxing to walk the cobblestone streets, look at old housing, listen to the horse drawn carriages go by and simply enjoy each other’s company. It gives us a chance to catch up on our week, talk about absolutely nothing, hold hands and love our city.

I know this post isn’t very long, but I thought I would allow the pictures to speak for themselves.

Here’s a few more snapshots of what we found along the way. And as always, thanks for reading,